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Traditionally innovative since 1974

Our company was founded by my parents Arduino Pini and Loriana Anna Biondi, from the very beginning they stood out for their innovative way of brokering, providing support and consultancy services, at the time brokerage had much more simplistic dynamics. They understood the importance of taking care with particular attention to the support and consultancy services offered to customers in addition to searching for the desired property. Our company, despite having always maintained a strongly familiar connotation, has been from the beginning among the main oparators in the real estate brokerage sector of the Castelli Romani and the Roman Coast, with a network of agencies in the area. We were among the first in our area to handle the sales of entire residential and industrial real esate complexes.

An acceleration in the generational change occurs when my father, a highly charismatic figure, was missing, with a commendable commitment we reorganized the company with the centralization of agents and collaborators in the historical headquarters of Albano Laziale, developing increasingly targeted customer services and directly monitoring all the organization. At the same time we have expanded the real estate development sector, charcterizing important initiatives with the direct management of subdivisions and recovery plans

I can proudly say that over the years we have been confirmed as a leading player in the real esate sector of the Castelli Romani and the Roman honterland, starting an intense activity of management of numerous real estate initiatives, including subvisions and recovery of historic buildings. The synergy with the DRA & U Architecture Studio for real estate development is precious. We have further strengthened and better branched our network of collaborations, expanding our territorial area with nemerous real estate initiatives also Rome, Latina and Sardinia.


Despite the difficult period of the market we have registered a growth in demand for exclusive properties from international customers, in this perspective we have connected new collaborations with real estate agencies, international law and marketing firms, developing above all in those areas where we have trusted and consolidated relationships with our partner. We have given our foreign customers support through our direct collaborators in Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom. Our current first foreign market is Kazakhstan, from this year we have a private office in Almaty for direct advice to Kazakh customers. In order to provide complete support we have made available to our international customers dedicated help desks.


A new impetus has been given to the entire organization with new and important collaborations in order to offer increasingly efficient services, thanks also to targeted training and certification of procedures to guarantee and better support customers, both at the time of sale and in the tima of purchase. The synergy created and the agreements signed with important national and foreign partners, as well as the extension of the collaborators, allows us to offer hundreds of real estate putchases with competence and professionalism throughout the national territory.


We offer our Italian and foreign clients, as well as dedicated advice, the support of professionals specialized in legal, tax and technical aspects, following them from the time of the request until the conclusion of the contract.

Simone Pini

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